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Understanding Competency Based Assessment

Understanding Competency Based Assessment


  • Terms
  • The CBET System
  • Purpose of Assessment
  • Competency-Based Assessment
  • Features
  • Comparisons
  • Conclusion

What does being Competent mean?

Being competent means that the individual has suitable or sufficient:

  • Skill
  • Knowledge
  • Experience &
  • Attitude

According to the specification of industry

What does it mean to be Competent in TVET?

  • Perform at predetermined skill level
  • Respond and react to the unexpected situations
  • Fulfill the role expected in the workplace
  • Transfer skills and knowledge to new situations

What is Assessment?

  • The gathering and judging of evidence about the performance of individuals
  • Judging against the criteria for what people must know and be able to do within the context and specified in the competency standard.

Purpose of Assessment

  • It gives information about the knowledge, skills and attitude learners have acquired.
  • Helps to determine the level/degree of competence
  • Determine if they can apply the knowledge they have acquired
  • Outcomes are used to determine the award of a certificate

What is Competency Based Assessment?

  • Competency-based assessment is not a set of examinations
  • Competency-Based Assessment is the basis for certification of competency

Competency-Based Assessment

  • Is carried out as a process in order to collect evidence about the performance and knowledge competency standard
  • Competency-based assessment is a very valuable diagnostic instrument both for the worker and the employer

What is Competency Based Assessment?

A system of capturing and measuring the student’s knowledge, skills and attitudes (K S & A) in an area and the application of
the K S & A to industry
Also a means through which portable qualifications are achieved, where performance is judged against nationally recognised competency standards.

Occupational Standards

Standards describe the work tasks to be carried out within the framework of a specific occupational activity as well as the related knowledge, skills and abilities

Standards are used to:

  • Define National Qualification requirements
  • Articulate between programmes and institutions
  • Establish benchmarks against which to assess
  • Plan and develop career paths
  • Develop training courses and programmes
  • Identify human and physical resource requirements for training






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