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What Are Good Character Traits for a Teacher?

The best teachers often share certain characteristics. While anyone with the right education can become a teacher, certain types of people have personalities more naturally suited to this type of work. A person who identifies those traits in himself should realize that becoming a teacher might be a very wise career move.

A person who is stubborn, rigid and unable to adapt to changes in the environment is not suited for a career as a teacher. On the other hand, someone who can take a new curriculum, a new group of students with personal challenges and everything else that might be thrown at him and adapt to the situation with ease will excel in the field. Every class, every year and even every day can present new challenges in the classroom.

People who are organized and like order tend to make good teachers. Having a system and being able to use it, rather than being scattered and unfocused, is an advantage. Good teachers also need to be excellent at planning. Proper planning greatly increases the efficiency of a classroom and is a vital characteristic for the creation of effective lesson plans.

Creative and Humorous
The best teachers persuade students to truly engage with the material they teach. This keeps students from dropping out, improves their marks and inspires their passion. Humor keeps the driest material from being boring. Creativity allows a teacher to solve problems when it becomes clear that students aren't interested in certain topics. 

Bob Pianta, dean of the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia, is recognized as an expert on what makes the best teachers. Pianta maintains that one role a teacher has to play is that of social worker -- that a teacher needs to be able to empathize with children and to connect with them. Children don't just need teaching; they also need support that will allow them to develop emotionally and grow into functional adults. Development of values is as important as the accumulation of knowledge, and an empathetic teacher who understands this is likely to be a good teacher.


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