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How to Improve Teaching in the Classroom

Becoming a better teacher is something all educators should be concerned with. Good teachers are effective classroom managers and communicators who can adapt to a variety of learning styles and effectively instruct a large percentage of the class. Improvement of teaching in the classroom can be obtained by putting together a plan of action and following it through. Teachers who make the extra effort to improve their teaching can make a significant impact on the lives of students

  • Start off each class by making attendance an instructional session.Avoid the typical roll call of asking students whether they are there or not. Instead, each student should be asked a question about the previous day's lesson. This will make the students accountable for what is happening in class each day and maybe even force them to review their notes each night as homework. This will reinforce your teaching and make your students more attentive to what you are teaching.
  • Review student notebooks periodically. For instance, require your students take notes for the class in a spiral notebook that they must turn in at the end of the week or every other week. Teachers sometimes assume that students know how to take proper notes or summarize what they have been taught when that might not actually be the case. Taking time out each week to teach students the art of note-taking and summarizing can empower them to become better students and enhance the classroom teaching experience.
  • Manage your classroom rather than just teaching a class. Effective teachers know how to organize the classroom, manage the curriculum and keep students on task with various management techniques.
  • Teach students critical thinking skills rather than just teaching them to memorize facts. Students who learn critical thinking can improve in other areas as well when their mental muscles have been exercised effectively. Take time out each week to teach students a new critical thinking skill like comparing and contrasting in order to facilitate learning at a higher level.


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