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How to Motivate and Encourage Students

Student enthusiasm in the classroom hinges on multiple factors, including perceptions about the lesson's usefulness, students' confidence and self-esteem and how patient they are. Different students have different levels of motivation, and the teacher plays a pivotal role by providing an open and friendly environment for learning.


  1. Provide a positive and friendly environment so the students become self-motivated to learn. Encourage students to ask questions without hesitation.Show appreciation for the efforts students show in class and homework they turn in.
  2. Get excited about lessons and new subjects. When teachers remain excited about the topic, the energy will fill the classroom and encourage student involvement. Use concrete examples so the student can relate to the topic.
  3. Assign team projects. Working in small groups encourages more individual student participation in learning.
  4. Provide students a variety of books to encourage independent reading. Developing an interest in reading can foster a thirst for knowledge.
  5. Bring reticent students into discussions by asking questions, rewarding students for correct answers and insights and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to take part.
  6. Make assignments that are neither too hard nor too easy. This will avoid discouraging students through long hours of work -- or boredom if assignments can be completed too quickly.


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