Ministry of Education, Guyana

Special Education Unit

Special Education Needs

The term Special Education Needs is a way to describe students who have learning (exceptionalities) difficulties or disabilities which makes it challenging for them to grasp concepts, access information, master skills and absorb content than other students of similar developmental age.

Oftentimes we hear about the deficiencies but the talents are excluded. Special Education Needs also takes into account students who are gifted.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Special Education Unit within NCERD is to study, understand, translate, interpret, and support the policies and plans of the Ministry of Education relative to Special Needs Education and as outlined in the National Education Strategic Plan. Its primary role is to catalyze those policies and plans in order to accelerate the realization of national education goals.

Additionally, it must be aware of changes and developments in the field of Special Education locally, regionally, and globally with the view, where applicable, of recommending both adoption and adaptation of best and emerging practices to ensure that students and teachers benefit from emerging trends. In that regard, the Unit provides continuous coordinated training for teachers based upon determination made through the benefit of needs analysis. The Unit is compelled to always consider the availability of human and financial resources as both a constraining factor and as causing creative responses to the needs.

While the Unit serves in interpreting and facilitating implementation of already formulated national education policies relative to SEN, it occupies the strategic position of functioning as a conduit for raw and refined feedback which when challenged upward may affect policy implementation and suggest policy modifications where applicable.

The SEN Unit therefore aims to improve the quality of teaching and SEN services offered throughout the national education system through professional development programs, teacher training, and the production of teaching materials developed in conjunction with other departments involved in the common pursuit of excellence in education. It is concerned with ensuring that the school system graduates the best prepared students to further their endeavours and become productive citizens leading satisfactory personal lives and contributing to their communities.

It is anticipated that the Unit, seized with the urgency and importance of applying their specialist skills and experience to accelerate the benefits that accrue to individuals and the nation from an inclusive educational approach, will through these and other creative interventions equip teachers to effectively deliver the curricula and impart skills that ensure special needs students are eventually able to lead independent and satisfying lives and are an asset to their communities and nation.

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