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Science Education

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The quest for a sustainable development model must surely be the Holy Grail for all policy-makers in the poorer countries of the world, not least here in Guyana. There is now a consensus that unless the educational standards of the people match their countries’ development needs, the latter will never be sustainable. President David Granger has asserted that the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) have to be the foundation of any such educational improvement at…

Brain Research and Learning – A move for Inexact to Exact Research

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Abstract Education and learning take place in the brain. However, for the brain to study itself was a challenge. Consequently in the past, many of the approaches and techniques used to determine the best teaching and learning methods were conducted by indirect qualitative type studies.Today how a network of cells, or neurons, that compose the brain, can produce thoughts, memories and actions, are steadily being unravelled. So much so, that a project is now on the way…


Primary Science

'Science Around Us' is a series of six pupil’s books with corresponding teachers’ manuals. Please note that these text books are NOT TO BE SOLD