Ministry of Education, Guyana

Youth Educators Safe Guarding our Work Force

I Can Make a Difference “Zero New HIV Infections”


Project Goal:

  • To reduce the vulnerability of In- School Youth to HIV&AIDS infection.
  • To reduce the number of New HIV Infections among In- School Youths.
  • To build the capacity of Out-of-School Youths in addressing Risky Sexual Behaviours and mitigation strategies toward Healthy Sexual Behaviours.

Training Objectives:

Through a (1) one week training, selected out-of-school youths will:

  • Gain leadership skills.
  • Learn health and wellness skills.
  • Increase HIV & AIDS awareness skills.
  • Learn HIV/AIDS & STI prevention methods and skills
  • Gain coping and advocacy skills needed to eradicate stigma and discrimination from PLWHA.
  • Inculcate qualities and characteristics needed to make a proficient, creative, resourceful and confidential Youth Educator for HIV & AIDS and Sexual Health.

Project Commitment:

Youth Education must be:

  • Willing to Volunteer Service to the Ministry of Education, HIV Prevention & Control  Programme as a Youth Educator.
  • Available to attend entire training in Georgetown.
  • Available for one (1) hour every week during regular school hours for 3 consecutive school terms- January to April, May-July, September to December.
  • Willing to sign a Volunteer Oath of Commitment that dictates behavior and dedication for the duration of service.
  • Willing to attend three meetings, one meeting per term.
  • Willing to fill out a monthly evaluation form.
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