Ministry of Education, Guyana

HIV Prevention Programme

MOE Project Title: Safe Guarding Our Work Force

HIV Focal Point: Janelle Sweatnam

Milestones & Background


The Education system continues to have an impact on HIV & AIDS, young people who fail to complete a basic education, are twice as likely to become infected with HIV. Education helps to overcome the conditions that facilitate the spread of HIV and can create the understanding and tolerance that contribute to reduced stigma and discrimination against vulnerable and marginalized communities and people living with HIV.

It is important that we strengthen the education sector’s response to HIV and safeguard our children and our workforce.

Project commencement

The Ministry of Education Government of Guyana HIV Prevention Project commenced in April 2005 under the theme, “Safe guarding our workforce.”

Objectives of project

  1. To improve the education and health of school children, teachers and members of
    the education sector in Guyana.
  2. To prevent the spread of HIV by educating internal and external clients of the various sectors on HIV & AIDS and its potential impact.
  3. To provide care and support for persons infected and affected by HIV & AIDS.
  4. To promote positive behaviour change among internal and external clients of the ministry

Milestone Number & Activities

  1. Completion and Launch of the Education sector Policy on School Health, Nutrition & HIV & AIDS
  2. Introduction of Sexual Reproductive & HIV Prevention Workshop to Hinterland Communities (Regions 1, 7, 8 & 9).
  3. Production of a Simplified Handbook of the School Health, Nutrition & HIV & AIDS Policy
  4. Production of 3 HIV Prevention Posters for Nursery , Primary & Secondary School under the theme, “Change Begins With Me”
  5. Production of HIV Prevention Brochure under the theme, “Change Begins With Me”
  6. Introduction of HIV Risky Behaviour Workshops to Hinterland Scholarship students, Dormitory students & Grade 6 students (Regions 10, 4& 8).
  7. Introduction of HIV Psycho-Social Workshop to Pre and In-Service Teachers at Cyril Potter College of Education.
  8. Development of HIV Information and Research corner for Teachers, Students, Employees and General Public and Condom distribution at School Health Unit, 90 Robb & Oronoque Sts and MOE 26 Brickdam Office.