Ministry of Education, Guyana

About the Policy


The aim of the School Health and Nutrition and HIV Prevention Policy is to promote and facilitate implementation of Health and Nutrition Programming and HIV Prevention throughout the education sector in Guyana.


The policy applies to all students, teachers, non-teaching staff, managers, employers, and other providers of education and training in all public and private, formal and non-formal educational institutions in all parts of the education sector of Guyana.


  • Guyana's commitment to education for all.
  • Education as a basic human right for all children.
  • The importance of education to children's social and psychosocial wellbeing.
  • Guyana's 2015 goal of all children having access to FREE and COMPULSORY primary education.
  • Guyana's education sector goal of ensuring that Guyanese have access to learning and life-skills programmes.

Guiding Principles

1. The Guyana Government's aim of “Education for all”.
2. The priorities and perspectives of the Revised National Policy Document on HIV&AIDS in Guyana, 2006.
3. Two international frameworks: FRESH (Focusing Resources on Effective School Health) and UNAIDS Global Initiative on Education and HIV & AIDS – EDUCAIDS.
4. A Guide to HIV and AIDS Policy Development for the Education Sector (CARICOM-EDC-UNESCO)
5. An HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy for the Education Sector in the Caribbean (ILO-UNESCO).
6. PAHO's work on “Health Promoting Schools”
7. UNICEF's “Child Friendly Schools”.

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