Ministry of Education, Guyana

MOE Overview

Overview of the Ministry of Education including the policies, departments and other institutions within the Ministry.

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Polices and Guidelines concerning Ministry of Education

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Educational Institutions

All Educational Institutions under the Ministry of Education

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Departments within Ministry of Education

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2008 - 2013 Education Strategic Plan

The 2008-2013 Education Strategic Plan is the fourth in a series of education plans during the last two decades. It is an effort to identify the priority policies and strategies Guyana’s education system needs to pursue in order to significantly improve its quality of output and help Guyana to meet the challenges posed by globalisation and rapid technological changes.

This planning effort had the support of the Government of Guyana (GOG) and the donor community in 2002, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) gave support for the activity through an International Consultant provided through the Basic Education Access and Management Support (BEAMS) programme. Assistance was also received from the World Bank for more detailed planning on specific issues. The Planning Unit used its own regular resources from the national budget to complete the necessary activities.

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Who's who in Education

A list of some of the Senior Education Officials in the Ministry of Education

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2014 - 2018 Education Sector Plan (ESP)

This document is Volume I of the Ministry of Education’s 2014-2018 National Education Sector Plan. It covers all levels of education except university education. Volume II will consist of the detailed action plans of each unit or department that must take actions in order to meet the targets of the strategy. This plan continues the focus on improving the quality of education that was outlined in previous plans, but it places much more emphasis on accountability by continuously monitoring results throughout the plan period.

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