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Recently three (3) training sessions on Instructional Techniques in the Delivery of Competency Based Modularised Curricula for Deputy Principals, Senior Lecturers and Lecturers of Technical Institutes, Chief Instructors and Instructors of Industrial Training Centres and the Senior Training Officer, Administrator and Instructors of the Kuru Kuru Training centre were held as follows.

Dates (2010) Venue
Participating Institutions
May 17th - 21st CSHE GTI, GITC & CSHE 18
June 7th - 11th NATI NATI& UCITC 17

June 7th - 11th

During the trainings, the participants benefited from deliverables by:

  1. Mr. S Walter – Director, Council for TVET
  2. Mr. J Simpson – Senior TVET Officer
  3. Mr. K Sharma – TVET Officer, Curriculum and Standards
  4. Mr. D Glasgow – TVET Officer, Testing and Certifications


The Content of those sessions included:

  • The Characteristics of CBMC
  • Objectives and the three(3) domains
  • Job Titles, Job Summary, Facilities and Occupational Standards, Primary Duties/Competencies and Associated Tasks. Terminal Performance Objectives, Enabling Objective and Procedures. Self-Checks, Answer to Self-Checks and Final Assessments.  Preparations and Use of Education al Technology Resources, Record Keeping In CBMC Feedback and Implementation Activities.

Two (2) other training sessions on Quality Assurance are scheduled for July 26th/27th, 2010 at NCERD, Battery Road, Kingston and the NATI, Fort Ordinance, Canje on July 29th/30th, 2010.  Dr Hassan Bata Ndahi, Senior Specialist in Skills and Employability, ILO’s Regional Office  will be the resource person for these sessions and forty(40) Senior Administrators from  GTI, GITC, CSHE, BSA, BIT, KKTC, ETI, LTI, NATI, PMTC, UCITC and SCCP are expected to attend.


Date(2012) Name of Conference Participants Venue Remarks

March 7th – 9th

UWI/UNESCO Caribbean Conference on TVET

Mr. J. Simpson


The objectives of the conference were:

  • To provide an opportunity for TVET and other human capacity development (HCD) practitioners to meet and share ideas toward developing a Regional TVET policy; and
  • To provide opportunities for educators, trainers, students, and private sector contributors to exhibit and share their work in research, professional practices and learning experiences.


February 29th – March 01st

C-EFE Labour Market Information Workshop

Mr. K. Sharma
Mr. D. Glasgow
Mr. C. Blenman
(Ministry of Labour)


The contribution included:

  • The link between forward-looking LMI and TVET training work-force development;
  • Identification of new techniques and tools for collecting LMI to support demand-driven training;
  • Description of techniques for mainstreaming of LMI data gathering; and
  • How to introduce sustainable LMI gathering practices to support the development of CVQ standards and training programs for the Caribbean.

March 02

Launching of CARICOM-Education for Employment Project

Mr. C Williams – Councillor
Mr. K. Sharma
Mr. David Glasgow

Trinidad & Tobago

The objectives include:

  • Strengthen regional capacity to coordinate, promote and conduct quality assurance for the demand-driven technical and vocational education and training (TVET) programming and workforce certification;
  • Increased employment of TVET graduates, men and women, in targeted, demand-driven programming; and
  • Strengthened capacity of TVET institutions to attract, train and graduate citizen with technical and vocational skills that respond to labour market needs.

Training Sessions (2012)

January 19th –
February 02nd

Training of staff of Leonora Technical Vocational Training Centre

Mr. J. Simpson
Mr. K. Sharma
Mr. D. Glasgow


Five(5) instructors and three (3) members of the Administrative staff were trained in Characteristics of Competency Based Training .

March 19th – 29th

Training of Assessors

Twenty nine (29) persons were trained.


  • Eight (8) persons will continue training as Internal Verifier and eight (8) as External Verifiers.

Meetings (2012)

March 28th – 29th

CANTA Meeting

Mr. S. Walters

St. Lucia

This meeting was held to:

  • Look at the progress the members of CANTA is making in their preparation to be recognized to issue the Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) ;
  • Discuss regional TVET matters; and
  • Discuss matters pertaining to the CARICOM-Education for Employment project.

April 23rd

Meeting to discuss training of the Mining Sector

Mr. S. Walters
Mr. J. Simpson


This meeting was called to discuss the programme for the development of the mining school.


April 02nd

Consultation to Review Regional TVET Strategy

Head of identified TVET institutions, representatives from CAGI, University of Guyana, Brass Aluminum and Cast Iron Foundry , BIT, and the Director and Officers of the Council for TVET


The consultation was facilitated by Mr. Robert Gregory and Ms. Brenda Cooke of the Association of Canadian Community Colleges.

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