Ministry of Education, Guyana

The maintenance of order and discipline in schools depend on several key persons playing important roles.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013 13:22

Benefits Of Order And Discipline

BullyingBenefits That Accure From The Maintenance Of Order And Discipline:


It is the responsibility of the Administrative and Non-Administrative staff of the school to ensure that its climate is one in which order and discipline prevail. All members of staff must consistently and impartially enforce the rules and code of conduct which govern the institution.

The school has the right to institute measures or take appropriate action to ensure that order and discipline are not compromised by learners – be it within or outside the school. One such measure is corporal punishment. However, it must be pointed out that corporal punishment must be administered to a learner only by the Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher, or Senior Master/Mistress.