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Friday, 21 October 2016 14:49

MOE Vacancy: Chief Education Officer

Chief Education Officer


  1. A recognised degree in Education or related field plus a professional qualification obtained by advanced studies in education (M Ed)
  2. Five (5) to seven (7) years’ experience in senior management position, in an education system
  3. Knowledge of Government of Guyana structure, policies and procedures
  4. Knowledge of education management, curriculum development and budget management

Behavioural Competencies:

  1. Management of organisational challenges
  2. Management of change in organisational activities
  3. Management of relationships across the organisation
  4. Provision of leadership for the organisation
  5. Encourage innovation in the organisation
  6. Obtain and analyse information for critical decision-making
  7. Decisive, and where necessary, collective decision-making

Broad area of responsibility:

  1. Performing the statutory functions of the Chief Education Officer
  2. Advisor to the Ministers of Education on:
  • Education policies, practices and procedures;
  • Development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of national work programme;
  • Review, development and instillation of rules, and regulations governing the conduct of education;
  • Efficient functioning of the professional arm of the Ministry.

A detailed Job Description can be obtained from the Personnel Department, Ministry of Education 21 Brickdam

Applications on Public Service Commission no.31 forms should be sent to:

Public Service Commission
Fort Street Kingston

Closing date November 11, 2016

After being admitted to a city hospital for just over one week, Chief Education Officer (CEO), Olato Sam, was evacuated over the weekend for urgent medical treatment.

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teachers day - headIt is my fervent wish that this year, as we celebrate World Teachers’ Day, all teachers can develop a deep appreciation of the critical place they hold within our national structures. Today we find ourselves at one of the most significant junctures in our educational history. The education system has surmounted the challenges in relation to access to education at the most basic levels. Over eighty-five percent of our early childhood age cohort is accessing nursery education—something unprecedented in the Region—and we can all proudly celebrate our recent attainment of Universal Primary Education as a nation. Furthermore, we are on track to attaining our stated objective of Universal Secondary Education within the upcoming years.

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