Ministry of Education, Guyana

Corporal Punishment of Lecturers

The use of physical interventions by school staff

  • Physical interventions must be appropriate and reasonable
  • Physical interventions may be used to/for:
    • Restrain a learner from an act of wrong doing.
    • Quell a disturbance threatening physical injury to others.
    • Obtain possession of a weapon or dangerous object from a learner.
    • Self defense.
    • Protection of persons or property.
    • Preservation of order.

The Administering of Corporal Punishment

  • This is the physical handling of a learner in any was to inflict punishment on him/her.
  • Corporal punishment must only be administered by the Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher, or designated Senior Master/Mistress.
  • It must be restricted to be used in circumstances such as fighting, use of indecent language, gross insubordination.
  • Corporal punishment must only be used in cases of continued display of unacceptable behaviours or in grave circumstances.
  • Learners must not be punished in the presence of other learners.
  • Males should be punished in their hands or on their buttocks while females must be punished in their hands.
  • In administering corporal punishment the Head Teacher must use either a cane or strap no longer than 24 inches.
  • Cases of corporal punishment must be carefully documented in the Misdemeanours Book on the same day the punishment is administered.
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