Ministry of Education, Guyana

Unacceptable Behaviours and Sanctions

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Category 2 Type 11 Unacceptable Behaviours

1. Making a terroristic threat
2. Carrying, bringing, using or possessing dangerous weapons or firearms
3. Committing extortion, blackmail or forcing a teacher or learner to act through the use or threat of force.
4. Committing an act that would be robbery or assault under the law if committed by an adult.
5. Performing or orchestrating any sexual act
6. Repeated suspension during the school year for causing or initiating willful disruption in the classroom, on school grounds or at school activities/events.

Category 2 Type 11 Disciplinary Actions/Sanctions

1. Charges filed with proper law enforcement authorities
2. Head Teacher/ Parent/Learner meeting
3. Parental contact and billing of parent for damages to school property
4. Recommendation for expulsion’
5. Denial of certificates or letters of recommendation
6. Mandatory suspension by Head Teacher followed by referral to the Head of Education Department and Chief Education Officer for expulsion.

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