Ministry of Education, Guyana

Unacceptable Behaviours and Sanctions

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Category 2 Type 1 Unacceptable Behaviours

1. Repeated Category 1 Type 11 Unacceptable Behaviours
2. Sexual harassment
3. Knowingly, purposefully or recklessly carrying, bringing or possessing a pellet gun air powered rifle, toy gun, can openers, box cutters, clubs, cutlass, screwdrivers, sling shot, stunt guns, car aerials or any other instrument that can be used as weapons.
4. Possessing look-alike drugs and items which could be passed off as drugs
5. Possession, purchase or use of marijuana, cocaine, aerosol spray, paint, glue or any un-prescribed or dangerous drugs.
6. Possession and use of fireworks or any other explosive device
7. Damage to the property of teachers and other learners (puncturing of tires, breaking windows, marking paint)
8. Retaliation against school staff through threats, bringing in groups, family members, friends, etc. to argue with or assault school staff or student.
9. Production or dissemination of pornographic material
10. Continued willful disobedience or open and persistent defiance of proper authority.
11. Willful destruction or defacing of school property
12. Behaviour on or off school premises which is detrimental to the welfare or safety of other learners or of school staff including behaviour which causes threat of physical harm to the learner or other learners.
13. Serious violations in the school or on its premises
14. Repeated interference in the school’s ability to provide educational opportunities to other learners

Category 2 Type 1 Disciplinary Actions/Sanctions

1. Suspension by the Head Teacher
2. Charges filed with proper law enforcement authorities
3. Cleaning part of school premise
4. In-class suspension
5. Head Teacher/Parent/Learner conference
6. Parental contract
7. Parental contact and billing of parent for damages to school property
8. Referral for counseling
9. Referral to the Head of Education Department for frequent infractions to policy
10. Parent meeting following suspension for the purpose of discussing re-entry, transfer or expulsion
11. Exclusion from ceremonies and other activities
12. For possession or use of marijuana or for repeated offenses as regards possession purchase or sale of drug paraphernalia, the learner shall be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency/authority.

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