Ministry of Education, Guyana

Unacceptable Behaviours and Sanctions

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Category 1 Type 11 Unacceptable Behaviour

1. Category 1 Type 1 offenses which continue after three attempts to correct them
2. Fighting
3. Biting other persons
4. Leaving school or school sponsored activities without permission
5. Skipping classes
6. Using rude, vulgar language
7. Possessing or using matches or lighters without teacher supervision
8. Smoking
9. Refusing to wear school uniform
10. Stealing from other learners and causing bodily harm
11. Possessing or using tobacco products or non-prescription drugs on the school premises or at school sponsored activities
12. Gambling
13. Refusal to be disciplines by teachers
14. Continuous out bursts of anger or continuous verbal disruption of any school activity
15. Failure to complete/serve disciplinary assignment/sanction meted out
16. Willful destruction or defacing of school property
17. Behaviour on or off the school premises that is detrimental to the welfare or safety of other learners or school staff
18. Continued willful disobedience or open and persistent defiance of proper authority

Category 1 Type 11 Disciplinary Actions/Sanctions

1. File charges with relevant law enforcement authorities
2. Cleaning part of school premises where infraction occurred.
3. In-school suspension
4. Head Teacher/Parent/Learner conference
5. Parental Contact
6. Billing of parent for damages to school property
7. Referral to Counsellor/School Welfare Officer
8. Referral to Head of Department of Education for frequent and habitual infractions
9. Suspension by the Head Teacher

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