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Tuesday, 01 November 2016 15:39

Education For Sustainable Development

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10.0 Conclusion

This is a first attempt at handling the very complex issue of the critical role of education for the achievement of sustainable development. This attempt is apt for Guyana - a country for which sustainability is critically important considering its wealth and diversity of natural resources. As this Policy is implemented, reviews and updates will become necessary. These updates should be seen as part of the national sustainability effort to constantly re-orient education in order to capture the new knowledge that will inevitably become available.

This is the first such policy in the Caribbean. Similarly, Guyana has been given the lead in the development of a National Science and Technology Policy and Master Plan, and subsequent the gap analysis. These efforts have placed Guyana at the forefront of these modern and transformative initiatives, and the country now has a responsibility to share these experiences with the rest of the Caribbean. Therefore, it is being recommended that:

The local ESD efforts be of tremendous importance to the fragile small island-states in the Caribbean and must be shared through a regional ESD network and linked with global Regional Centres of Excellence (RCE).

Guyana must seek its own solutions for embracing sustainable development. In order to make sensible choices, accepting Education for Sustainable Development through a supporting ESD Action Plan is vital. Success is dependent on local research which informs the decisions relating to sustainable development. Knowledge on what exists, and the projections on what may be, will position Guyana for full participation in international investments.

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