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Education For Sustainable Development

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4.0 ESD Coordinating Body

For effective implementation of this Policy, the creation of a National broad-based ESD Coordinating Body (ESDCB) which involves all stakeholders is highly recommended to ensure the integration of sustainable development into education and education into sustainable development. The ESDCB will establish, implement and monitor the ESD Action Plan that is informed by the Policy Pillars. Since the process of developing this Policy was consultative, participatory and inclusive, the ESDCB will continue with this approach into the implementation phase. Within the Ministry of Education, the ESDCB will work in tandem with the National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD) to support the implementation of the respective Policy Pillars that are linked to the curriculum development and implementation.

In addition, the ESDCB will work closely with the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE), the Ministry of Education, other Ministries, the University of Guyana (UG), the Institute of Applied Science and Technology (IAST), the Teaching Service Commission (TSC), the private sector, NGOs and related institutions to support curriculum design and development, its implementation and improvement, which includes an integrated approach to learning. This will create a new way of thinking among educators, enabling them to employ sustainability in their professional practice.

The ESDCB must fit within the National Science and Technology Management System of the Guyana as a sub-committee. A National Science and Technology Council was established following the approval of the National Science and Technology Policy and Master Plan in May, 2014. In addition, this ESDCB will link with the UN’s ESD global network and ensure that there is up-to- date information flowing into the local network. This sub-committee on ESD is necessary to act in an advisory role to the Minister of Education, the Chief Education Officer and the Permanent Secretary on the direction of ESD for Guyana. This sub-committee must take into account national priorities and current global trends in sustainable development to provide the overall strategic direction for ESD in Guyana.

The ESDCB will liaise with the private sector, the public sector, NGOs and other civil society organisations in a collaborative way to obtain full participation and commitment in making a positive change in sustainability for all.

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