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Education For Sustainable Development

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3.0 Goals, Objectives and Pillars

The goals of this Policy are in line with UNESCO Global Action Programme which adapts a two- fold approach:

  1. integrating sustainable development into education; and
  2. integrating education into sustainable development

through a shared commitment to education that empowers people for change.

To achieve these goals, education and learning will be reoriented so that everyone have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that empower him or her to contribute to sustainable development, and strengthen education and learning in all agendas, programmes and activities that promote sustainable development. These goals will be realised through the implementation of the following Policy Objectives:

  1. Develop education and training strategies that will enhance capacities for the achievement of sustainable development;
  2. Embed ESD into the education system through literacy and lifelong learning in all aspects which concern sustainability;
  3. Provide equitable and inclusive access to high-quality formal, non-formal and informal education which includes the ESD thrusts and strategies;
  4. Raise public awareness and understanding of the principles of sustainable development, drawing on the capacities and comparative strengths of the media, public sector, private sector, and civil society.

This Policy rests on four main pillars identified below. These pillars support the implementation of the Policy Objectives.

Policy Pillars

    1. Institutional Capacity;
    2. Integration of ESD into the Formal, Non-formal and Informal Education System;
    3. Equitable and Inclusive Access to ESD in all Communities;
    4. Public Awareness and Understanding of Sustainable Development.


Pillar 1 Instutional Capacity Pillar 2 Integration of ESD into the Education System Pillar 3 Equitable Access to ESD Pillar 4 Public Awareness of ESD
Build institutional capacity at the Ministry of Education and all stakeholder for Education for Sustainable Development Integrate Education for Sustainable Development into the Formal, Non- formal and Informal Education System

Provide equitable and inclusive access to Education for Sustainable Development

Raise Public Awareness and Understanding of Sustainable Development

Monitoring And Evaluation

Figure 1: Policy Pillars

The achievement of the Policy Goals and Objectives through the Policy Pillars requires a broad- based National Coordinating Body to take a systematic approach in the implementation of this ESD Policy.


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