Ministry of Education, Guyana

Discipline of Teachers

Procedures to be observed for the discipline of teachers:

First Breach Actions Timeline Whose Responsibility

First breach of regulations,

approved policies


Teachers must be:

I. spoken to and reminded of the regulations

/policies, practices, procedures.

II. Requested to conform to the rules

or discontinue to act in contravention.

Log entry made on the discussion   by end of day

Teachers must be spoken to immediately

after breach was committed or by the end of the day

Headmaster / mistress 



Second Breach Actions Timeline Whose Responsibility
Second breach of regulations,

approved policies


Teacher must be written requesting him/her to discontinue.

Log entry made of the breach and action taken

Immediately or by the end of the day.





Third Breach Actions Timeline Whose Responsibility
Third breach of regulations,

approved policies

  • Teacher must be written to and reminded of previousinstances of breach the actions taken.
  • A written explanation must be demanded within working days.
  • Teacher must respond in writing within given deadline.



  • Copies of the letters sent to the teacher, the teacher’s response and any other supporting documentation along with the headmaster/mistress’ recommendations must be sent to  Regional Education Officer.
  • Copies must also be sent to the Regional Executive Officer, Secretary, Teaching Service Commission and General Secretary, Guyana Teachers Union.
  • In the event the teacher does not respond in the time given, the above is still applicable,                but as there is no response the headmaster/mistress’s recommendation (s) must also include the request for the teacher to be charged additionally for insubordination.
  • Log entry made of the breach and actions taken.

Working days

coastal within

ten (10) working days (Riverain

and Hinterland)



  •  Head of Education Department acknowledges receipt of report/complaint.
Within three (3) workings days
  •  Head of Education Department can write the teacher to have the teacher provide any further clarification he/she might need.
  • Head of the Education Department can arrange for an enquiry if he/she deems if necessary.

 Within two (2) working days              

Within two

(2) weeks

  • The enquiry team shall comprise representative of the REC, Head of Education Department, supervising DEO, PTA/Board member and representative, GTU.
  • The date, time, venue and purpose of the enquiry should be clearly stated in a letter of notification.
  • The Redo shall forward the HM’s submission along with his/her recommendation (s) and the report   of the enquiry, if one was held, to the CEO, thru the DCEO (A), for charges to be made.



Within five (5) working days including day of receipt.

  •  If the REdO found it necessary to have an enquiry, the report, (which must be signed by all members of the enquiry team along with the findings and recommendation (s)) must now have      the original submission of the HM as an attachment.

REDO’s summary and recommendation (s) must also be forwarded.

  • Copies of all submissions made by the REdO, must be sent to the Regional Executive Officer, the Chief Education Officer and the Secretary, Teaching Service Commission.
  • Chief Education Officer comments on recommendation (s) and forwards same, to the disciplinary Committee of Teaching Service Commission.
  • CEO acknowledges receipt of report and informs Regional Executive Officer of the action.
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