Ministry of Education, Guyana

The following are some of the policies currently being implemented within the Ministry of Education.

Expressive Arts Policy


The Unit of Allied Arts has social responsibility for coordinating specific art forms of Dance, Drama, Music, Art and Craft and Physical Education and Sports as part of the national curriculum of the school. However, the Expressive Arts programme is not generally perceived to be as important as other subjects on the curriculum. In fact there are a number of factors that militate against the successful implementation of this programme. These include inappropriate physical facilities, limited teaching personnel and inadequate supply... Read more

Guidelines for Supervision of School Based Assessment / Projects

Guidelines for the Supervision of School Based Assessments /Projects

Introduction The Curriculum for Levels 7-9 is intended to provide students with the foundation needed for successful completion of the CXC (General Proficiency ) at the end of five(5) years of secondary schooling. School based projects provide opportunities for students to undertake an individual study, in an area which is of interest to the students , as well as prepare them for the successful completion of the School Based Assessment (SBA) component of the CXC. Read more

MOE Book Policy

MOE Book Policy

Objectives The main objectives of this Book Policy are as follows: Read more

Order and Discipline in Schools

The Right Of The School To Maintain Order And Discipline

  It is the responsibility of the Administrative and Non-Administrative staff of the school to ensure that its climate is one in which order and discipline prevail. All members of staff must consistently and impartially enforce the rules and code of conduct which govern the institution. The school has the right to institute measures or take appropriate action to ensure that order and discipline are not compromised by learners – be it within or outside the school. One such measure is corporal... Read more

Placement in Public Schools

Schools will be visited within the first month of the new school year by officers from the Department of Education to check on admission lists/registers to ensure strict compliance with the laid down guidelines and procedures. Read more

Policy on Discipline of Teachers

Code of Conduct for Teachers

  All teacher are expected to know and follow the outlined code of conduct for their profession.  A. Commitment to the Profession Read more

Policy on Requesting Funds in Schools

Guidelines: requesting Funds for Graduation and acquisition non-budgetary of Funds and Donations

Students should NOT be denied the ‘Right’ to participate in school-based activities, owing to non-payment of fees or non-submission of supplies. It is important, and is therefore a right, that children be given every opportunity to participate in school based activities, National Assessments, and Regional Examinations. The Ministry of Education would like to take this opportunity to make you aware that measures were put in place to ensure that children are provided with the best learning experience and that efforts are being... Read more

Protocol for Safe and Secure Schools

About the Policy

  The Ministry of Education recognizes the need to inculcate a culture of safety and security in all schools. The ultimate objective is to provide safe and secure school environments which will better enable teachers to fulfill their main duty of delivering the curriculum and students to concentrate on learning. Safety in schools is of paramount importance and necessary in supporting the all-round development of each child, giving him/her the opportunity to learn and achieve in a nurturing environment. Read more

Role of School Welfare Officers

The Role of Schools Welfare Officers

                The Schools Welfare Officer (SWO) is responsible to the Chief SWO for the implementation of Policies as handed down to the CSWO by Ministry of Education’s policy makers and for the delivery of Welfare Programmes as designed by the CSWO. For the daily execution of duties, the SWO is responsible to the Regional Education Officer/Principal Education Officer. The SWO is also responsible to the SSWO. Some of the main functions of the School Welfare Officer are: Read more

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