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pt-20130924-2Having a child go off to Nursery school is always marked by joy that your baby is growing up and going on to bigger and better things; and marred by sadness that your baby is growing up and going on to bigger and better things! The best way to ease the transition to school is by doing some “homework” of your own to make yourself and your little scholar ready for the first day of “BIG school”.

In this section, we will look at four (4) important areas where you can help yourself and your child be best prepared for nursery school and a lifetime of success. These areas are:

I’d love to say that when one of my daughters has a problem, my usual response is to cheerfully sing, “When you feel so mad that you want to roar, take a deep breath and count to four!” just like my characters from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.
As a former early childhood teacher and parenting educator, I’ve heard countless conversations between children and the important adults in their lives that have given me a window into their unique life experiences.
Help children see honesty as an act of courage and responsibility – something worth striving for.
Grit involves sticking with something until you succeed. It’s another word for perseverance and resilience, and it gives us the strength to try, try, try again. Grit supports a “growth mindset”
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