Ministry of Education, Guyana

The way your child's teacher manages her classroom can have a significant impact on how well students behave and how much they're able to learn. Teachers who don't establish good classroom management, including rules, routines and preparation, often create learning environments that are chaotic and ineffective. If your child has been getting into trouble at school, it's worth considering whether poor classroom management is part of the problem.

While some teachers opt to take center stage in their classroom and educate through lecture, others prefer to take a backseat role and simply work as a facilitator. By facilitating student learning instead of presenting students with information as is common in the traditional system of education, teachers can encourage their students to take an active role in learning. Changing the educational paradigm and forcing students to give up the passive roles that they once took on in the classroom can be highly effective and lead to increased student comprehension.

Providing students with the best opportunity to succeed in life is the ultimate goal in education. Improving student achievement is a multifaceted task that is the responsibility of teachers, administration and parents. There is no single activity that will increase student achievement; however, collaborating with parents, improving the school environment, using effective teaching strategies and analyzing data all impact student achievement.

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