Ministry of Education, Guyana

Classroom management is an essential part of the learning process. Ideally, all students would be attentive and engaged in a lesson, but as many educators know, that is not always the case. Sometimes students get off task, and it is up to the teacher to redirect that behavior. There are some strategies that teachers can follow to redirect off-task students.

Maintaining a classroom environment that’s conducive to learning can be difficult. If one or more students disrupt the class, their bad behavior can “trickle down” to other students or take a large chunk of time away from academic activities. Instead of waiting until a student’s bad attitude rubs off on the rest of the class (or the teacher), school staff can use preventative measures to keep students productive and happy.

When communication is effective, both the student and the teacher benefit. Communication makes learning easier, helps students achieve goals, increases opportunities for expanded learning, strengthens the connection between student and teacher, and creates an overall positive experience

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