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Many education systems have investigated ways to improve student achievement in schools.Effective schools have high standards, intensive parent involvement and a willingness to experiment with a variety of strategies to improve education. Several options provide ways to help student achievement within the school system.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016 09:23

What Is Classroom Behavior?

Teachers place a great deal of emphasis on modifying or managing classroom behavior. However, they rarely define distinctly what classroom behavior actually is, instead leaving others to discern the definition. Additionally, teachers do not always explicitly state the rationale and goals behind their behavior modification plans, which makes it difficult to assess the effectiveness of those plans. A definition of classroom behavior thus is necessary.

Effective classroom management can make the difference between a miserable or enjoyable year for both you and your students. The challenge of managing a rowdy, talkative class can often seem like a towering challenge, but the fact is that countless teachers have faced situations very similar to yours. With a well-rehearsed teacher "look" and a handful of classroom-management suggestions, you'll be armed and ready for a successful school year.

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