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Wednesday, 22 July 2015 08:52

How to Help Your Child Study

Some children are blessed with the gift of good study habits, while others possess study habit problems. Helping a child with poor study skills has been proven to bring much joy to both the parent and the struggling student. This article will discuss a number of proactive methods on how to help your child develop good study habits and skills.

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With social media, television, friends and videos games as distractions, it's no wonder your teen struggles with good study habits. It can be hard to buckle down, do homework and review notes when you have other priorities, as your teenager likely does. As a parent, you can't do your teen's studying for her, but you can help her create a plan by which studying becomes more manageable, less time-consuming and a part of a regular routine.

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While there is some debate about the significance of grades in education, these scores do serve a valuable purpose. Not only do they let students track their performance and progress, they also provide guidance and motivation for both kids and teachers. But what about parents? What role do they play in a child’s grades? You might be surprised to learn that parents have a substantial impact when it comes to their child’s academic scores. In fact, children of disengaged parents have been shown to be negatively affected in school, with a lack of parenting directly linked with poor grades and overall performance.

Published in Parenting Tips
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