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Emotional self-awareness involves identifying and understanding one’s emotions – including “big feelings” that can sometimes overwhelm us. Seven-year-olds can begin to identify complex emotions in themselves and others, and they can talk about how feelings can affect a person’s behavior. For example, they can begin to see that feeling jealous of a friend might make you act grouchy toward that friend. They can also understand that people may have more than one feeling at the same time.

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The coronavirus continues to affect families’ lives and alter daily routines. Like many parents, I’m learning how to navigate these unexpected times right alongside my four young children. Curious in nature, they’ve looked to me to help guide them.

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Monday, 18 May 2020 16:28

Host Storytime at Home

If your child loves storytime at your local library or bookstore, he’ll be excited to have storytime at home too! Though it may be an audience of one, your storytime at home can be just as engaging and interactive. Below you’ll find a step-by-step guide to creating a storytime similar to those your child has enjoyed at school, the library or bookstore.

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