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Thursday, 22 November 2018 10:11

Early childhood development guide

– Guyana launches national sensitisation workshop on Early Childhood Development

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The objective the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Grant for Early Childhood Education Project is “to improve emergent literacy and numeracy outcomes for children at the nursery level and primary Grade 1 in hinterland regions and targeted remote riverine areas.”

This objective would be achieved through the implementation of four project components:

  1. Capacity Building for Nursery and Grade 1 Teachers in Hinterland Regions and Targeted Remote Riverine Areas;
  2. Provision of Early Childhood Education Resource Kits to all Nursery and Grade 1 Classes in Hinterland Regions and Targeted Remote Riverine Areas;
  3. Parental/Caregiver Education; and
  4. Implementation Support, Administration and M&E

early-childhood-developmentGuyana is on the U.N. list of Small Island Developing States, but don’t be fooled: It is not an island, nor is it particularly small.  Its Amerindian name means “Land of Many Waters,” a more accurate description, and a source of some of the challenges the country faces in providing quality education to children living in the most remote areas.

Last month, the World Bank hosted Guyana’s Minister of Education Priya Manickhand to discuss early childhood development. Minister Manickhand specifically asked us three questions that we’ve heard many times over the last few years from policymakers in Latin America and the Caribbean:

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