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  What To Expect From A Quality Homecare, Daycare or Nursery Environment

- Quenita Walrond MA. Early Childhood Development Consultant

As a parent of a 4 year old entering school for the first time, I was probably more nervous than my little eager learner. I asked myself all the questions any decent parent would ask themselves: will she be safe, will she be happy, will she learn what she needs to, will she make friends, and will she eat all her snack and remember to ask to go to the bathroom! However, as an Early Childhood Education and Development specialist, I had a different list of questions, and I was on the lookout! I was keeping an ever watchful eye for the critical markers that tell you about the great, or less than desirable care your child may be getting from places that promise to nurture, care for, and educate your little ones in the best ways possible! I can share with you, that I indeed found my fair share of the good, the bad, and the they so desperately need to be shut down someone please call the Child Care and Protection Agency!

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