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Getting Ready For Nursery School - Self Help

By the time a child arrives at nursery school age, he/she should have already begun to assert their independence by wanting to do for themselves and try on their own. This ability to function independently is necessary for success in nursery school. This child will be able to better cope in the absence of one- on-one direct adult assistance.

Self- Feeding


By the time your little one gets to school, the expectation is that he/she can feed him/herself. Your child must be able to:-

  • Twist or pull open food containers and bottles
  • Drink from a cup or sip from a straw
  • Pull open pouches or open bags
  • Use a fork or spoon with minimal spillage
  • Self- feed until full or the snack complete

 In the weeks leading up to, and after school opens, practise doing the tasks mentioned with your child so that he/she can achieve mastery, and can do them without help from the teacher.

 Self- Dressing

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The only instance where self-dressing becomes an issue in Nursery school is when children have to go to the washroom on their own. Children need to know how to:-

  • Open and close buttons and snaps
  • Zip and unzip zipper
  • Pull up and down pants and underwear
  • Get in and out of shoes

You should give your child every opportunity to practise these either on themselves when the need arises; or during activities like folding the laundry, ironing, or pretend playing with adult clothes.


Toilet Training Images

At this point in their development, children approaching nursery school age have longer dry periods (this shows bladder control enough to hold urine), have predictable times when they have a bowel movement, can tell you what they have done in their diaper or “pull up”, and generally express discomfort at being in a dirty diaper or “pull up”. Combine this with the ability to pull up and down their clothing, and a growing connection between the feeling of having to go to the bathroom and the product; your child is ready to use the toilet. Here are some helpful potty training tips:-

  •  If just beginning to toilet train, build a routine around going to the toilet- when they first wake up, after breakfast, mid- morning, after lunch/before nap time, after nap, before evening bath, before going to bed.
  • If toilet training is underway,

               - take your child to the toilet for frequent and predictable practice trips around the time they usually have to “go”.

               - Sit there for a few minutes (keep it interesting by chatting, reading a story etc.).

               - If something happens, praise the child, talk about the sensations like a ‘ticklish belly’ or a ‘hurty tummy’ being present, then wipe, flush, wash hands and move on.

               - If nothing happens, flush anyway, wash hands and talk about the sensations like a ‘ticklish belly’ or a ‘hurty tummy’ being absent, then move on.

  • Keep your child out of diapers or pull ups during the day to encourage independence. Have them wear big kid underwear.
  • Accidents WILL happen; it is important NOT to punish the child, but be SUPPORTIVE and ENCOURAGING of their efforts.
  • Do NOT use candy and presents as a reward for toileting, simple verbal praise or tokens like stickers are enough.
  • Remind your child that big kids that go to school can’t wear diapers and pull ups so they have to take responsibility for themselves also.

 Diapers and pull ups must swiftly become a thing of the past, and your child needs to learn to, and become an expert at, “listening to their bodies”.



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