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How to Help Your Teen Get Better Grades

You want your teen to be successful in life, and right now that means school. While it makes no sense to earn her grades for her, it makes a lot of sense to help her achieve the best grades she can. Get at the root of the issue to find out how you can best help if you are hoping to earn an A for your own accomplishment.

Encourage your teen to get better grades. Jane Nelson and Lynn Lott, authors of "Positive Discipline for Teenagers," say that encouragement is the key to motivation. They urge parents to use compliments, humor, rewards, collaboration and follow-through to encourage their teenager to improve her grades.

Talk with your teen about the difficulty she is having with her grades. Get to the root of what is going on. Ask your teen what she is having difficulty with, what she has learned from her experience and what she can do differently. Come up with suggestions if your teen stumbles in coming up with her own ideas.

Implement a quiet time in the evening that is designated electronics-free. Your teen can use this time to study, or read. Help her establish a routine of homework time. 

Track your teen's grades. Contact her teachers and find out how you can stay abreast of changes in her grades, and learn of missing homework assignments. 

Help your teen develop a sense of meaning and purpose. Ugo Uche, a licensed professional counselor writing on the "Psychology Today" website, says that students who do well in school are generally well-adjusted individuals. This means that they are able to get their needs met through their interaction with their environment. This includes their emotional needs, something that parents play a large part in.

Promote learning in your home. Show interest in what your teen is learning at school -- even allow her to teach you some of what she has recently learned. Play along, as if you're the student, and show genuine interest. Share items about your own interests. Engage in intelligent conversation and treat your teen with respect by listening and actively responding to what she has to say.

Get your teen to exercise more. CBS News reported in 2013 that, according to a recent study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, exercise was linked to good grades in secondary school. Regular moderate to intense exercise is linked with better grades, particularly in science.


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