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First Day of School Ideas for Parents

The first day of school is an exciting time for children, but students tend to worry about the new experience. Parents also might have mixed emotions about their child's transition. Parents can soothe the nerves of all parties by helping their child prepare to make the first day of school pass as seamlessly as possible.

Prepare the Child
Preparing a child for a first day of school is one way to reduce anxiety. Prepare the child scholastically by making sure he knows some of the basic ideas that will be covered in class.Prepare the child emotionally, as well.

Preparing the Parent
Reduce any tension you feel by planning ahead. Don't look at the first day of school as an end of en era, but look at it as the beginning of a new exciting life for your child, full of art, friends, sports games and knowledge. Prepare the child's book bag, lunch and clothes the night before school so the morning can be casual and low-key. Make sure the child understands how she is going to be picked-up from school.

Document the First Day
The first day of school is special and should be treated that way. Take photos and videos of your child as he prepares for his first day.

Celebrating the Victory
Pick-up your child at school on the first day and let the reunion between parent and student be an exciting and joyous occasion. Take her for ice cream and ask her questions about the day during your outing. Express your excitement and pride, and talk about the rest of the year and the exciting things that will take place.


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