Ministry of Education, Guyana

Innovative and Information Technology Unit


Is responsible for the research, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of a variety of innovative, new ICT technologies both high and low cost that can be infused into the teaching environment encouraging new methodologies and strategies to aid teacher in the delivery of the curriculum.

The Unit has as its objectives the following:

  1. Research and evaluate new technologies and software for use in all schools.
  2. Help in the procurement of new ICT products that offer different approaches to help with remediation and special education.
  3. Promote and train educators in the practice of more effective teaching strategies using ICT and innovative technologies.
  4. Update and create modules for the integration of ICT in the classroom.
  5. Coordinate all ICT training within the MOE.
  6. Conduct training of all stakeholders in the use of ICT to enhance the delivery of education.
  7. Provide assistance in the area of Computer laboratory maintenance and management.
  8. Help with the development of ICT policies for the operation of schools labs.

Marcia Thomas, Certified Public Accountant (GA, Fl, NY), BA (Business Management), MSc (Computer Science), Master’s Degree (Education Technology with emphasis on using technology for remedial teaching) Diploma (Liberal Arts), Project Manager, Chief Examiner CXC

Kim Spencer, TTC, Project Manager, MCSE, Certificate in Media Technology
Ronald Indhal Part time Successmaker Trainer