Ministry of Education, Guyana

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Curriculum and Resources


This unit is responsible for conceptualising, developing, testing and evaluating curriculum and other curriculum materials for Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools. The materials include curriculum guides, teaching manuals, textbooks, work cards, and other forms of learning aids. It is also responsible for holding workshops for training teachers to use the materials.

Science & Technology Unit

Learning to understand the physical world is an important focus in science education. Where this is done without opportunity to use objects from the real world science education becomes an inert academic exercise. Science and Technology are given the emphasis they deserve at NCERD, contributing effectively to preparing more persons for the various tasks of national development.

Learning Resources Unit

This unit is composed of three sections:

  1. Audio Visual
  2. Library
  3. Publishing

Decades of research and investigation into the Psychology of Learning have led to the understanding that learning is an active process requiring the involvement of many of the senses for greater effectiveness. In recognition of this the Learning Resource Unit has outlined its main aim to be:

Providing opportunities for practising teachers and teacher educators to interact with a variety of resources in order to improve the quality and the efficiency of the teaching act.

The objectives of this unit are to:

  1. Produce print and non-print materials.
  2. Promote the practice of more effective teaching strategies through the use of a wide range of educational media.
  3. Promote library services for teachers, teacher educators and students.
  4. Provide assistance in the area of classroom management.
  5. Develop textbooks to meet the needs of students of varying ability levels.
  6. Support the efforts of Regional Resource Centres.

All experiences in this unit are channelled through Methodology, Audio Visuals, the Library and Textbook Publishing.

In Methodology, teachers and teacher educators can update teaching methods and strategies for greater dynamic interaction in the classroom, through workshops, seminars and visits.

In the Audio Visual section materials are produced as indicated by curriculum while instructions are provided on the use and maintenance of all audio visual equipment such as projectors, cameras, recorders etc.

The Library responds to the research needs of practising teachers, teacher educators and students. It focuses now on establishing a very efficient computerised cataloguing system, the acquisition of current, relevant and adequate supply of books, educational journals etc. It also ensures the collection and preservation of documents emanating from within the Ministry of Education.

The Publishing section is concerned with the development of textbooks for students in the primary and the lower forms of secondary school.

Staffing of the LRU includes:

  1. Learning Resource Development Officer
  2. Methodology Tutor
  3. Audio-Visual Instructor
  4. Graphic Artist
  5. Technicians
  6. Librarian
  7. Library Assistant
  8. Senior Designer
  9. Design Typist