Ministry of Education, Guyana

National Center for Educational Resource Development (NCERD) National Center for Educational Resource Development (NCERD)

This unit is headed by a Director who has a reporting relationship to the Permanent Secretary. The role of NCERD in a Decentralized Education Management system is to provide professional support to all levels of education management that will result in the delivery of quality education in schools.

The support will be in the form of development of training packages as requested by the DCEO (Administration) to meet the needs of the Education Departments.

In addition it performs certain basic functions assigned to it in the conduct of training and professional development programmes. Specifically, the key areas are as follows:

  1. Providing updated curriculum guides and related learning materials to support quality classroom teaching and learning.
  2. Training of teachers and officers in the methodologies underpinning the revised curriculum guides and related materials.
  3. Training of teachers in the use of audio / visual and multimedia materials to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.
  4. Training of school plant managers and education officials in the principles of education management through a Distance Education Certificate Course.
  5. Upgrading the content and methodology of teachers across all levels to make them more proficient and efficient in the process of curriculum delivery.
  6. Providing a variety of diagnostic test materials to be used to measure mental and attitudinal growth across the school levels.
  7. Providing validated instruments to measure learning outcomes based on standards determined for each grade. The validation process involves, at some point, the Board of Examiners where NCERD has an vital role to play.
  8. Providing evaluative information based on national assessments for Grades 2, 4, 6, 9 and 11.
  9. Providing a variety of distance learning materials, both print and electronic, to support classroom instruction.
  10. Supporting the Ministry’s inspection of schools and departments by providing a range of specialists to serve as members of the monitoring teams for the regions and schools.
  11. Procuring and supplying equipment and supplies to science laboratories in schools and training laboratory technologists to manage the laboratories.
  12. Ensuring that all national and overseas examinations are administered in a highly professional manner through a process of training of officers involved. The training will be in keeping with national and international guidelines for ensuring the integrity of the process.
  13. Coordinating Special Education Needs (SEN) training through customized curriculum development. The Special Education Needs Department will be a new Department in the Curriculum Unit and will be responsible for coordinating from a national perspective, the national response to SEN.
  14. The Organizational chart of the National Centre for Education Resource Development is shown below.

The Science Education Unit functions as a unit of NCERD. It is headed by a Science Education Coordinator who ensures that Science Education is given due emphasis in the school system. There is a need to have cohorts of students with a comprehensive knowledge of sciences, particularly the single sciences. This unit oversees this area and ensures that students who have the aptitude and interest to excel in these subjects are not deprived. Thus the country’s development thrust does not falter through a lack of personnel with the appropriate science background. To achieve this goal, the Science Unit provides teachers with the necessary training and equipment to deliver the curriculum.


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