Ministry of Education, Guyana

− OPM acknowledges importance of children’s rights − PM Nagamootoo hopes report will be used as a base document for constitutional commissioners
Thursday, 27 September 2018 09:07

UG gets $5M for Constitutional Reform education

− Constitutional Reform Education project a collaboration among OPM, UNDP and UG − Constitutional Reform is not for “sloganeering” – PM Nagamootoo − “It’s a journey, that is not a sprint but it’s a marathon and along marathons, there are important milestones, and this is an important milestone.” – Prof.…
The historic Inaugural National Youth Conference came to close this evening leaving young people clamouring for more. Hundreds of young people from across Guyana, over the past three days, engaged in meaningful dialogue and made recommendations regarding issues affecting them.
Youths were urged today to let their voices be heard as it relates to the development of the Green State Development Strategy (GSDS).
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