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news 20180302Over 300 households in Yurong Paru, a small community in the South Pakaraimas in Upper Takutu/Upper Essequibo (Region Nine,) are benefiting from potable water for the first time following work of the community’s water supply .

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The Guyana Nurses Association in collaboration with the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Guyana (UG) launched the Gwen Tross Research Foundation on Thursday, which is an improvement plan for students and nurses from the Health Science Faculty to achieve more than a bachelor degree in their field of study.This is done through a research process in which persons are asked to complete topics relating to health, such as HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB) and Cancer among a few. After a research is completed, the Tross Foundation provides a communication team to analyse the research thoroughly in order to assess its worth.

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013 11:59

Improving School/Classroom Environment

Focus will be on:

Improvement of Physical Facilities/Infrastructure

Children are likely to learn better when in safe, comfortable buildings with sufficient space and adequate facilities. Good physical facilities also affect parents’ attitude to the school and teachers’ morale in a positive manner. Improving physical facilities is therefore a key factor in improving education delivery.

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