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Monday, 13 October 2014 05:45

Because We Care Cash Grant Schedule

DATE REGION VENUE TIME SCHOOLS TO BE SERVED AT VENUE   SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11,  2014     7   BARTICA COMMUNITY GROUND     9:00 AM Bartica Secondary,  Hill View Nursery,  Beach View Nursery,  Precious Gem Nursery,  Holy Name Nursery,  Future Builders Nursery,  Two Miles Primary,   St, John the Baptiste Primary,   St. Anthony’s Primary, Agatash Primary, Holy Name Primary,  Makouria Primary, Batavia Primary,  Itaballi Primary,  Karrau Creek Primary,  Kartabo Primary,  Three Miles Secondary.   SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2014 GEORGETOWN NURSERY       TUCVILLE SECONDARY   9:00 AM St. Christopher, Polly’s Nursery, South Ruimveldt Nursery, Enterprise Nursery     C-FIELD  NURSERY 9:00 AM C-Field Nursery     SOPHIA NURSERY 9:00 AM Sophia Nursery     ST. STANISLAUS COLLEGE 9:00 AM Smyth Street Nursery, South Road Nursery     LODGE NURSERY 9:00 AM Lodge Nursery     ST.PIUS PRIMARY 9:00 AM Liana Nursery, Roxanne Burhnam Nursery, Selman Fraser Nursery, Albouystown Nursery     WEST RUIMVELDT PRIMARY 9:00 AM Houston Nursery, Agricola Nursery, Alexander Village, Ascesion Nursery     ST. GABRIEL’S PRIMARY 9:00 AM St. Gabriel’s Nursery, Head Start, East Street     QUEEN’S COLLEGE 9:00 AM Starters, Stella Maris, Precious Jewels     TURKEYEN NURSERY 9:00 AM Turkeyen Nursery  …
The Ministry of Education is pleased to announce that the distribution of the Government of Guyana $10,000 Cash Grant will be launched on Saturday, October 11. Families and parents are asked to pay close attention to the distribution schedule along with the list of distribution sites, which will be published weekly in the newspapers to ensure that they do not miss their opportunity to uplift their Government of Guyana Because We Care $10,000 Cash grant. ELIGIBILITY  The only eligibility criteria required to benefit from the BECAUSE WE CARE cash grant program is that a student must be on the register of a public school. Every class in every school across Guyana was asked to submit a list of the students on their current 2014/2015 Register. Head teachers were instructed to verify the lists submitted by their class teachers. Regional Education Officers were instructed to further verify those lists submitted by schools in their region. The Ministry of Education therefore shall be constrained to distribute vouchers only to parents/guardians of children who appear on the list compiled by the school and submitted to Central Ministry, except as provided in paragraphs 6,7,8 and 9 immediately following. The Ministry's policy is to accept…
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