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Wednesday, 05 March 2014 10:11

Nursery enrollment ongoing, younger children eligible

The Ministry of Education since its announcement in 2013 that it would change the age at which a child maybe enrolled in a Nursery School has made significant strides in making the necessary enhancements that will allow for parents to give their children an earlier start to a sound education.

Children born on or before June 30 are now eligible for placement at a Nursery School in the year they turn three.

Registration for the new school term in September has commenced and we are encouraging parents and guardians to get their children placed at a school closest to their home. We have placed the registration form on our website to facilitate a quicker registration process.

As is the norm, parents or guardians are asked to provide the child’s birth certificate and clinic card at the time of registration. We are also requesting that you have your National Identification Card and proof of address on your person.

The Ministry of Education is happy to note that each child is entitled to a place in a Nursery and a Primary School. Our policy also states that a child is entitled to a place in the school closest to his or her home.

However, in the case of a working parent who does not have anyone to takecare of thechild/children after school dismisses, consideration may be given for the child /children to be admitted to the school closest to the workplace of said parent, but placement at that school closest to the parent’s workplace is dependent on the space available at that school. In such cases parents are asked to supply a letter from their employer (jobletter).

Wheanwhile, a parent who is employed or works at a school (egteachers, vendors, cleaners, gardeners, handymenetc) will be given priority, amongst the parents who appeal a placement, for the placement of his/her children at that school at which the said parent is employed/works and will be treated as though the child/children live closest to the said school at which said parent is employed/works.

So if a child was born on or before June 30, 2011, that child can and should be attending school in September 2014. Parents are asked to register those children now so that the Ministry of Education can make the necessary arrangements to accommodate those children in school in September.

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