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Friday, 20 December 2013 13:11

Over 300 Trained Teachers graduate from the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE)

On Thursday, December 19, 2013, 336 students graduated as Class 1, Grade 1 Trained Teachers from the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE), when the College held its 79th Graduation Exercise and Prize Giving Ceremony. From the 336 students who graduated, 179 earned their Associate Degree in Education (ADE), while 157 students gained their Trained Teacher’s Certificate (TTC). Of the 179 ADE graduates, 22 specialised in Early Childhood Education, 63 in Primary Education, 60 studied Secondary Academic, while 34 did Secondary Pre-Vocational.

Of the number that gained their Trained Teachers Certificate, 52 specialised in Early Childhood Education, 47 did Primary Education, 30 studied Secondary Academic, while 28 did Secondary Pre-Vocational.

Delivering the feature address was the Chief Education Officer Mr. Olato Sam who began by revealing that, the CPCE is currently in a transformative state as it seeks to significantly enhance the quality of teacher training it offers to students. He pointed out that in order to positively affect change in the education sector here in Guyana, careful attention must be paid to improving the quality of teacher training being offered. “Any approach to transforming education to move the agenda forward must begin with and give prominence to the quality of our teaching courses,” he said.

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He also went on to state that as the CPCE undergoes deep sustainable changes - some which havealready commenced - teacher educators will benefit from ongoing professional development, raising the level of their academic qualifications and experiences. CPCE, according to the CEO, will soon be establishing a world class ICT computer lab and a state-of-art library, among other critical infrastructure developments, to align it with other internationally recognized teacher training institutions.
CPCE is definitely on the right trajectory towards enhancing the quality of its teacher training programmes in Guyana, as it continues to contribute significantly to the development of Guyana and Guyanese. However, the CEO was quick to point out that there still need to be some notable connection between the investments being made in teacher training and the delivery manifestation of that training in the classroom. 

"The graduates of this noble institution must reflect the quality befitting the investments made in their training. We are yet to see the direct transfer of the best practices reflected in the training experience consistently applied all across the education system."

  Chief Education Officer Mr. Olato Sam

He also mentioned that there seem to exist some barriers affecting the transfer of teacher training to the classroom. This he said, remains a great concern to the Ministry, and that continuous assessments are being under taken to devise strategies to remove those barriers and affect the unhindered transfer of the skills and knowledge teachers receive in training to the children in the classrooms across Guyana.

The newly trained teachers were asked to remember their noble profession, and to conduct themselves in a manner befitting its status. “You are highly intelligent, skilled graduates of the premier teacher training institution in this country, and as a result you must conduct yourself as such. You are special. In addition, you are the first recipients of the extensive induction experience specially designed to enable you to further develop your skill in a guided nurturing environment,” the CEO said.
He also urged the graduates to ambitiously see themselves as the future leaders in our education system. “You must be the next wave of leaders in education. Embody the concept of lifelong learning and place yourselves on a continuous professional development trajectory that will enable you to stay apace with contemporary educational practices.”

In concluding, the CEO urged the newly graduated trained teachers to remain focused on their profession and to understand, accept and embrace the large responsibilities it carries. He also told them to be humble, dedicated teachers supportive of each other even in the face of the many detractors whose aims are to destabilise a system that is progressive and evolving.

“Education is the key to improving our collective fortunes as a nation. We must support it and not tear it down!”

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Guyana, Prof. Jacob Opadeyi in delivering the charge told the graduates to take their candle of knowledge and go light the world. “I charge you to improve the lives of our children; teach them to be good citizens; teach them to be achievers; teach them to nation builders; teach them to be good mothers and fathers. Teach them to respect the elderly, authority, their colleges, and most importantly, teach them to respect themselves. Tell your students: No Pain No Gain.”

He presented the new graduates with a list of seven tenets that they should live by as teachers.“(1) Be Kind to the children you teach, (2) Be Firm with them, (3) Be Frank; tell them the truth regardless, (4) Be Sympathetic; some children are slow learners, be sympathetic to their conditions, (5) Be Bold with what you want to teach them; be confident, (6) Be Consistent at all times, and (7) Be Prayerful.”
He urged the graduates not to let this be their last graduation, which they must continue to develop themselves professionally and alluded to the imminent online degree programmes to be offered by the University of Guyana. He concluded with this simple but profound statement: “Continue to develop yourselves and in return continue to develop our children”

The Ministry of Education (MOE) recognises the invaluable role that teachers play in society and congratulates this new batch of trained teachers just graduated, armed with the knowledge and skills to change minds. We urge that as you impart your knowledge on the impressionable minds of our young people, that you firmly commit yourselves to being exemplary teachers delivering the finest quality education. Furthermore, as you embark on your mission as teachers, we ask that you also recognise that together, you form one of the most important pillars of this progressive Guyanese society.

Source: PRO - Ministry of Education, Guyana

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