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Bygeval Secondary School commissioned an A-list School

Bygeval Secondary School commissioned an A-list School

The Ministry of Education (MOE) commissioned Bygeval Secondary School an A-List school on Tuesday December 3. In a simple ceremony, attended by parents, teachers, students, Regional and Ministry officials, the Honorable Minster of Education, Ms. Priya Manickchand, addressed the gathering and unveiled a commemorative plaque, thereby officially commissioning the school as A-Listed.

Like the recently commissioned Rosignol Secondary School, significant investments were made by the Government of Guyana (GOG) in collaboration with the MOE and the Region Five Administration to ensure that Bygeval Secondary School attained A-Listed status. In that regard, a number of works was conducted particularly in the areas of Infrastructure, Learning Materials and Curriculum Improvement.

In her feature address, the Minister spoke of the notable investments made by the Ministry and the Region, to elevate Bygeval Secondary to an A-listed school. She also highlighted the rationale behind making Bygeval an A-List school as well as some of the critical areas in which the school has benefited from this upgrade.

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The Rationale

The Minister explained that Region Five never had an A-Listed school which meant that children from the region who did well at the National Grade Six Assessment Examinations would have had to travel to another region for the kind of quality education that matched their ability. “Of all the coastal regions, Region Five was the only region that did not have A-Listed schools, so every time your children did well, we would have to send them to either Region Six or Region Four to get a good quality education. We at the Ministry did not think this situation was fair to the parents and children of the Region, so we set about identifying two schools at the two extremes of the region - Rosignol Secondary and Bygeval Secondary - and set about making these two schools, A-Listed schools,” the Minister said.

Upgrades made to Bygeval

“We rehabilitated several sections of the school by painting and doing electrical work,” she said. “All the science labs (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) were completely refurbished. They are now properly equipped with furniture, equipment and chemicals. The Home Economics lab was also refurbished and is now outfitted with furniture, equipment and other materials. The IT Lab boasts 15 new computers, and servicing was done to the other computers bringing the total number of computers in the lab to 30. This means that every child in that class can access his or her own unit when using the lab. The Industrial Technology lab is now equipped with adequate tools and other supplies while electricity has been restored to the lab. The Allied Arts department has also benefited from a number of indoor and outdoor sporting gears and equipment. And the Agricultural Science Department also received equipment and tools so that the department could be extended to include poultry production. The Library is also equipped with reference booksfor various subject areas; in addition, some enrichment material has been added.”

Text books

“For text books, we have been really trying to provide as much as we can, even more than other A-List schools,” she stated. “In Grades 7, 8 and 9, each student has the recommended text books for the following subjects: Mathematics, EnglishA, Social Studies, Science, Agricultural Science, Home Economics. In addition, there are also class sets for Spanish. In Grade 10 and 11, each student has a copy of the recommended texts for the following 14 subjects: Mathematics, English A, Social Studies, Integrated Science, Information Technology, Principles of Business, Agriculture Science, Economics, Office Administration, Principles of Accounts, Spanish, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. For both classes, there are class sets for Geography, as well as those texts required for English B. To complete the text books allocation in Grade 11, there are history texts for each student.

Teachers and Subject Offerings

Bygeval has 38 teachers, 12 of whom are trained graduates, 2 who are untrained graduates, 14 trained teachers, and 10 untrained teachers.

Subjects offered

The school currently provides 24 CSEC subjects which are as follows: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Integrated Science, Human and Social Biology, Agricultural Science, Principles of Accounts, Principles of Business, Economics, Office Administration, Information Technology, Food and Nutrition, Home Economics Management, Geography, Social Studies, Caribbean History, English A, English B, Spanish, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Building Technology, Woods, Technical Drawing, and Visual Arts. Soon Clothing and Textile and Physical Education will be added to the curriculum.

Over 45 million dollars was expended on the Bygeval Secondary School to provide text books, chemicals and lab equipment, physical rehabilitation works, computers, furniture, etc., to bring it up to the level of an A-Listed school. Students attending Bygeval Secondary School are assured of a superior quality education with the efforts undertaken by Government and the Ministry in upgrading the school to an A-Listed status.


Over the last few years, some of the List A Secondary Schools and the students who attend those schools have been performing as well as, and even better than, some of the Senior Secondary Schools. For example, in 2012, the student who topped the Caribbean at CSEC attended the Abram Zuil Secondary School in Essequibo and in 2013 the student who topped the Caribbean at CSEC attended the Anna Regina Secondary School. Anna Regina Secondary also received the best performance prize in the Caribbean for Technical Vocational Education. These schools are both List A schools.

The Honorable Minister of Education toured the school and shared in the delight and pleasure expressed by teachers and students.They demonstrated their gratitude at the input made by the Government of Guyana and the Ministry of Education to upgrade their school and pledged to make maximum use of the resources.

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