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Wednesday, 20 November 2013 15:22

CTVET held its first Occupational Analysis Workshop in Heavy Duty Equipment Maintenance

The Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (CTVET) hosted an Occupational Analysis Workshop in Heavy Duty Equipment Maintenance on Monday November 18 and Tuesday November 19, at its Secretariat on Woolford Avenue. Craft persons from three leading mining companies and heavy-duty technicians from MACORP, along with senior lecturers from GTI, LTI and members of the TVET secretariat participated in the workshop which was facilitated by Ms. Meg Savory who is the Coordinator for International Projects and Grants, International Education, Vancouver Island University, Canada.

This workshop was held as a result of a job market survey conducted by the CTVET in the industrial sector, in which they identified as a critical need, the development of skills within the mining sector, particularly in the area of heavy duty equipment maintenance.

As part of its mandate CTVET was established to develop a National System of Competency Based Modularized Training and to initiate its implementation across TVET institutions in Guyana. Director of CTVET, Mr. Sydney Walters, explained that a critical part in the establishment of comprehensive competency based TVET programmes that meet the required standards of the Caribbean Vocation Qualification (CVQ), is the systematic development of curricula, based on the internationally accepted DACUM process. He further explained that the DACUM process of occupational analysis is premised on the development of competency based curricular to match the specific industry needs that prevail. In other words competency based curricula will be developed to better suit the job requirements of industries.

“The first curriculum that will be developed is one in the occupational area of Heavy Equipment Maintenance. This curriculum development emerged after a labour market survey we conducted which highlighted that there is an acute shortage in this particular skill set in industry. This development is what is being done presently at this workshop,” Mr. Waters stated.

He also pointed out that: “The CARICOM Education for Employment (C-EFE) project has held several workshops to train persons to prepare DACUM charts as part of the curriculum development initiative to strengthen the local institutions in each of the territories involved in the project. Guyana has participated in these workshops and we have persons from LTI, GTI, and the TVET secretariat who would have received the necessary training in the DACUM process.”

The just concluded Occupational Analysis Workshop in Heavy Duty Equipment Maintenance provided an excellent opportunity for the newly trained local DACUM personnel to demonstrate their understanding of the processes, and also to further help in the establishment of better partnerships with industry personnel to further advance the work being done by CTVET.

Guyana will soon be applying to the Caribbean Examinations Council to gain certification status in order to confer the Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) on students successfully completing subjects in the various fields of TVET.

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