Ministry of Education, Guyana

Monday, 17 June 2013 00:00

PRESS RELEASE: No Transfers—Students placed based on Performance at NGSA

The Ministry of Education regrets to inform that there will be no transfers for students who wish to move to a school which require higher marks than the student was awarded at the recent National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) as the Ministry has placed students based on their performance and capacity of the school.

There may however, in some circumstances, be lateral transfers. This means that a student may possibly request a transfer to a school within the same mark range and listing as the school they wish to transfer from. Requests for transfer also depend upon whether the requested school has space to accommodate addition students.

The Ministry would like to take this opportunity to remind Head Teachers that they are duty bound to ensure that students entering their respective schools have the appropriate marks.

A percentage of the marks gained at the Grade Two and the Grade Four Assessments was combined with the marks gained at the Grade Six Assessment in order to determine the candidates’ overall scores. Five percent (5%) of each candidate’s Grade Two score in Mathematics and English, and ten percent (10%) of the Grade Four score in the same subjects, were added to eighty five percent (85%) of each candidate’s score in those subjects. The combined scores in Mathematics and English were added to the scores gained in Science and Social Studies.

The National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) is an assessment used for placement of students in Secondary schools. Students were awarded grades in accordance with their performance.

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