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Thursday, 05 September 2013 11:26

PRESS RELEASE: Ministry of Education set to launch “Give a Book” and “Drop Everything and Read” campaigns

- The Ministry of Education urges all Guyanese to be part of its first two major activities planned, as it celebrates Education Month 2013. The names of the two activities are: “Give a Book” and “Drop Everything and Read”.

“Give a Book”

On Monday September 9, all are invited to participate in the “Give a Book Campaign 2013”. This campaign is being organized by the ministry, with the goal to raise awareness of the importance of reading, primarily among young people. The ministry encourages all Guyanese throughout all 10 administrative regions to give a book to someone else and to persuade them to read. Regardless of the age, content or format of the book, all are being asked to give a book to someone else so as to support the ministry in encouraging reading and literacy nationwide.

The ministry will also be joining members of the private sector in the distribution of books on Monday. A ministry official stated that, “We at the Ministry of Education will be erecting tents in front of our main administrative offices at 21 and at 68 Brickdam, Stabroek, and we will be distributing free books to everyone present. We will also be using a mobile unit to distribute books around the country, and will be placing several tents around Georgetown - at the Staborek Market Square, outside of Parliament Buildings and in the compound of the National Library - where persons can go and uplift one free book each, complements of the Ministry of Education.”

“Drop Everything and Read”

The Ministry recognizes that reading is fundamental to function in today’s society. Reading is important because it develops the mind. Reading exposes a person to new experiences, and new experiences are very stimulating for the brain. Reading books provide the individual with the necessary repose from the rigors of everyday life and affects their health in positive ways. With that in mind, the ministry urges all Guyanese to also participate in the “Drop Everything and Read” campaign which is to begin on Monday September 9, at 11:00h.

It is intended that Guyana experiences a beautiful interlude on Monday September 9, at 11:00h as everyone is asked by the Ministry to stop whatever they are doing and read something for 15 minutes. Persons are encouraged to read something/anything at 11:00h on Monday. The entire media corps is on board with the ministry, to help make this initiative a success. Most media houses/television stations responsible for electronic media will be pausing their regular programming for 15 minutes to broadcast reading materials.

The Honorable Minister of Education, Ms. Priya Manickchand expressed her appreciation to the media for their commitment and support in this innovative initiative. She said: “We at the ministry are happy to have the support of the media in assisting us in advancing our literacy drive. We have asked that television stations interrupt their regular programming to show a variety of scrolling texts which viewers are encouraged to read for 15 minutes. And in the case of radio, a number of creative methods have been decided upon so as to significantly highlight the importance of reading. In some instances some children will be reading a variety of texts on air… generally though I am pleased with the response of our local media operatives, television and radio stations and I commend them for committing to showcasing their corporate social responsibility.”

The ministry urges all Guyanese; even after these brilliant campaigns would have concluded, that they encourage and support each other to read a wide range of texts for enjoyment, so that they can later become more confident in making independent choices in their reading materials. The ministry recognizes that developing as a reader is linked to positive attitudes and experiences as well as skills and, urges Guyanese continue to support ready and literacy.

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