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Thursday, 18 July 2013 10:31

Ministry sets Registration Fee for Nursery, Primary and Secondary Levels

Georgetown, MOE, July 16 2013—The Ministry of Education has noted with concern that some School Administrators have been requesting significant sums of money for the registration of new students to Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools under the pretext that such sums were previously agreed upon by the Parent Teachers Association.

The Ministry has given great consideration to the needs of schools and wish to provide the following guidelines for Non-Budgetary Costs.

  1. No students shall be denied Registration to any school due to their inability to pay; children have a right to schooling and must be registered.
  2. The Parent Teachers Association for each school has been authorized to conduct fundraising activities to support school administration to offset non-budgetary costs. (Badges, PTA dues, Report Booklets, Miscellaneous). Such activities must be promoted to strengthen the partnership between schools and the community.
  3. If the activities planned and executed by the Parent Teachers Association do not generate the income to offset non-budgetary costs, then the following guidelines should be followed:
    1. For All Nursery Schools – not more than $2,500.00/year
    2. For All Primary Schools – not more than $3,000.00/year
    3. For Secondary Schools – not more than $5,000.00/year
    4. For National Secondary Schools – not more than $8,000.00/year(Queen’s College, The Bishops’ High, St. Stanislaus College, St. Rose’s and St. Joseph)

These sums were carefully considered for all non-budgetary costs as such NO ADDITIONAL request must be made from parents. There must be no compulsion for students to purchase P.E. clothes, aprons for Home Economics, Lab Coats, Tie-pin inter alia; from the school. Parents of nursery children should not be issued with any list of supplies to be purchased.

Finally you are hereby reminded of the following:

(i) The sums mentioned are the maximum limits for each level and can be lowered.
(ii) No child must be denied schooling as a result of inability to pay.

You are also to ensure that the membership of your PTA is also made aware of this Circular, which is crucial to its functioning. The Executive Committee members should also affix their signature as having seen and read.

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