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Wednesday, 02 September 2020 09:46

Education Month Art Competition - Rules and Guidelines

The CORONA VIRUS, COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the closure of all schools since March 13, 2020 significantly impacting not only learners but teachers and parents countrywide and globally as a whole.

This prolonged closure of school as you can imagine has significantly impacted the learning continuity for children. Many homes have also been affected and the Ministry of Education is aware that parents are concerned about their child or children academic Life and the continuation of his/her educational journey. To ensure that learning continuity takes place, the Ministry of Education has planned several programmes and will continue to chart a course to provide learners with access to continuous learning.

On the occasion of Education Month, 2020, the Education Month Committee proposes to have a Child Art Competition. The competition invites children to explore their interpretation of the theme – “Responding to health and Safety precautions in a time of pandemic: Let’s take Corona Virus seriously”.
The Committee proposes to have an art competition involving all of the Education Districts of Guyana. Participation in this competition will testify that Art has the power to heal, to save lives and bring us together even while we are apart, to guide us and inspire us to stay strong, safe and united.

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Ministry of Education Education Month Art Competition Rules and Guidelines 2020




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