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Tuesday, 18 February 2020 09:57

Region four hosts STEAM fair

…students urged to ensure the growth of their projects

Today, the Department of Education - Region Four launched its biannual STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) fair at the Golden Grove Secondary school on the East Coast of Demerara.

The two-day event will see participation from more than 70 schools in region four. The STEAM Fair is being executed under the theme “Envisioning the Future through Innovation and STEAM- Decade of Development”. The activity has drawn children from the nursery, primary and secondary levels along with other post-secondary institutions.

Retired Justice Donald Trotman, a resident of Golden Grove in his address to the opening of the fair, told the students that they are tomorrow’s future and persons will be looking to them for solutions to some issues that are sure to confront us in the 20200219 10

Further, Justice Trotman said that persons who will attend the fair today and tomorrow will have the opportunity to look into the minds of the students through the projects that are presented.

The former Judge said that youths are positioned to help with Guyana’s development and that their intellectual capabilities and capacities will ensure that the country is positioned to develop as changes occur around us.

The participants were also urged to grow with their projects, Justice Trotman urged the children to avoid the pitfall of just creating a project and not looking back at it. It was his view that the children should continuously strive to improve upon what they have previously 20200219 4

According to Education Officer for Region Four Mr Loren Park, Guyana is in need of multiple skill sets that fall within the STEAM catchment. Mr Park said that it is because of this he believes that STEAM Fairs such as this will assist the children in their own development.

Further, the Education Officer noted that the Fair will allow for the improvement of the cultural capital in schools, while at the same time re-enforcing some skills and the learning of new ones.

It is against this background that Mr Park opined that Guyana will be led in the future, by some of the 'finest minds' and as educators, they should encourage more students to pursue studies that are related to 20200219 11

There are various projects that are on display from all levels across the education system. There were projects that address how to tackle an oil spill, some projects utilized waste wood to make tables and visitors were shown how candle wax and oil were made from a plant and how that process works.
The STEAM fair ends tomorrow.

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