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Tuesday, 21 January 2020 13:58

Mackenzie High School, Kwakwani Secondary receive steelpans

The Ministry of Education through the Unit of Allied Arts handed-over steelpans yesterday to the Mackenzie High School and the Kwakwani Secondary School.

Handing-over the new musical instruments to the schools were Dr. the Hon. Nicolette Henry, Minister of Education and Ms. Lorraine Barker-King, the Administrator of the Unit of Allied Arts.

Minister Henry said that the Ministry of Education through the Unit of Allied Arts seeks to enhance the arts to promote holistic learning to develop well-rounded individuals who can perform well in the 21st 20200121 28

She said that the Government of Guyana is adamant in its quest to ensure educational opportunities encompasses all aspects of development. She said that Guyana has begun its Decade of Development and that teachers and students will continue to see significant investment in the education sector.
The Education Minister said that it is important that we ensure that students from all geographical locations are exposed to the same educational opportunities.

She added that the distribution of steelpans to schools is an activity that is being done in all education districts because the Ministry recognizes that there are disparities in the education sector. “We are correcting that. We are minimizing the disparity, reducing the gap,” Minister Henry 20200121 18

The students at both schools were told by their Minister that education is not just about academics but also doing things which make them happy. She urged the students to find it within themselves to show respect and love for others. She said that music is the food of love and that is what the steelpans will contribute.

Ms. Barker-King in her remarks noted that the Ministry is a strong advocate of the arts. She said that this is evident in the Education Ministry having a unit that promotes the expressive arts. She said that the aim is to expand the scope of music in Guyana and to give students the requisite knowledge in steelpan 20200121 27

Further, she assured the schools that music is on the front burner for the Ministry. Ms. Barker-King explained that recently the Ministry embarked on providing the opportunity for teachers to receive training in music. She said that currently, 23 teachers have written the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) examinations.

She said that this was done to ensure that teachers are qualified to teach the subject. According to Ms. Barker-King the Ministry of Education is preparing to have rounded children. She said that the Unit of Allied Arts is also looking to enhance and promote dance, drama, visual arts, physical education and 20200121 38

Regional Education Officer, Region 10, Mr. Rabindra Singh said that his Ministry wants to ensure that each child after leaving secondary school is rounded. He said that music is an integral part of any school’s curriculum and encouraged the teachers to ensure that the instruments are utilized fully by the students.

Headteachers of the Mackenzie High School and the Kwakwani Secondary School, Mr. Haslyn Small and Ms. Pamela Adrian, respectively, thanked the Ministry of Education and the Unit of Allied Arts for the instruments and gave the assurance that they will be used for the intended purpose to benefit the students.

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