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Tuesday, 09 July 2019 16:39

Focus Group sessions begin for improving Mathematics Standards at the secondary level

As the Guyana Secondary Education Improvement Project (GSEIP) continues to be implemented, today Focus Group sessions began today at the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE). 

The session which continues tomorrow will involve collaboration to enhance grades seven to 11 Mathematics Content Standards for 21st Century proficiency in teaching and learning performance.
The Focus Group sessions are part of one component of the GSEIP which seeks to improve the performance in Mathematics at the secondary school level. According to Project Coordinator of the GSEIP, Mr. Jimmy Bhojedat, the Focus Group sessions are to test what has been developed so far by the consultant that has been engaged by the Ministry of Education.
He said that the Ministry had undertaken a consultancy to develop mathematics standards among teachers. Moreover, Mr. Bhojedat said that working on the Mathematics Standards is just one avenue to improve the subject area. He noted that recently the Ministry completed an online platform which is an interactive space where mathematics teachers can assist each other.
Giving an overview of this component, Mr. Ameer Ali, Senior Education Officer (Secondary) said that it is to supplement and guide the process of how mathematics is taught in the classroom. news 20190709 46
He said that when the first draft of the Mathematics Standards is completed, there will be more focus group sessions and consultations conducted countrywide that will also involve members of the public.
Chief Education Officer, Dr. Marcel Hutson said today that this process is extremely important and pivotal to Guyana as a nation to move forward. Addressing the gathering of CPCE students, educators and teachers, Dr. Hutson made the point that change comes when people band together; as such, he said that the focus group sessions are an excellent opportunity.
He said that the Ministry of Education is not oblivious about what has to be done to improve the performance in the subject and noted that the Ministry has come a far way.
He said that the Ministry is concerned about what is necessary for a student to matriculate. He said that it is against this background that the Ministry of Education’s Strategic Plan 2019 – 2030 sought to have the programme imbedded in that plan.
The CEO explained that it is important to have teachers play a role in the process. “As a teacher I want you to recognise the important role you play if our students are to be liberated,” Dr. Hutson remarked.
The consultant that has been working with the Ministry of Education on this component of the GSEIP is Dr. Pier Angeli Junor Clarke. She said that after accepting the opportunity to work on the project, she assessed what currently obtains as it relates to performance standards, content standards and also what are the 21st century best practices.
According to Dr. Clarke, following her assessment of the present content standards, there were some things that were good and others that were not so good. Being a Guyanese and a teacher educator at the Georgia State University, USA, Dr. Clarke said that the project is close to her heart and will be working closely with the Ministry of Education to produce the best product.
The Focus Group sessions will primarily target Head teachers, Pre-service and in-service teachers, teacher educators, the mathematics technical group, the University of Guyana, CPCE, the National Centre for Education Resource Development and the Guyana Teachers Union.

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